Dear colleagues! Activity of our scientific production association was began with equipping of Physics department of Tula State University. Physics department of Tula State University was made a valid department in 1996. At that time there were difficult problems for Physics department. It was need to realize a curriculum so, that, in parallel with lectures, students might introduce to modern scientific equipment and methods of execution of experiment.
    Unquestionably, physics is an experimental science, that's why it is need for students to obtain experimental skills according to future profession, using modern equipment. For success in study, especially for physicists, need, besides listening of lectures, to introduce to experimental equipment, even the most simple. But for good scientist it is not all. It is necessary to improve knowledges, to give an opportunity to confirm knowledges, which were obtain in the University, under leadership of leading scientists. This opportunity may realize in big scientific centers, such as Joint Institute for Nuclear research (JINR) (Russia, Dubna, Moscow Region). History of educational practice for students of Tula State University on base of JINR Franck Laboratory of Neutron Physics (FLNP) and department center of Moscow State University (MSU), was began in 1996. At that time prof. Levin (Physics department, TSU) together with prof. Nikitin (FLNP, JINR) organized the first practice for students of TSU in FLNP JINR. Later, in the context of curriculum for students of neutron diffraction analysis department of MSU, were organized special courses for students of TSU in the branch establishment of MSU and FLNP. The result of this activity was creation of new educational system, directed at preparation of future physicist under leadership of leading scientists.  Every year, during ten years, a lot of young scientists arrives into Dubna to improve knowledges and listen lectures of big specialists in the area of physics of condensed matter. In this chapter we'll publish scientific works and articles of our colleagues from scientific research centres concerning different research areas. If you have a work and want to locate it on our server, please, mail to us.

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S. E. Pankov, «Influence of high pressure on crystal and magnetic structure of manganite Pr0.1Sr0.9MnO3»

This work is one from set of experiments according to improvment of manganite phase diagram.  Experiment was accomplished on DN-12 spectrometer of high-flux IBR-2 Pulsed Reactor. This work gives a brief annotation of diffraction fundamentals, of theory of manganites. Also, features of work on pulse sources of neutrons, in parallel with Time Of Flight method (TOF-method) in application to study of powdery examples, are explained.

V. K. Ignatovich, «Neutron Optics»

This book is unique, because represents a non-traditional way of quantum machanics problem solving (tunnel effect, diffraction, transition and reflection of particles). New approach concerning description of quantum phenomena leads to construction of new scattering theory of electron. It'll be use for all, who have interests in quantum physics.

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Download *.pdf

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