This chapter represents some metodical elaborations concerning area of practical work. All works are carrying out successful on Physics Department of Tula State University. Moreover, we think, that this descriptions may be useful for students for carrying out of similar works in other higher educational institutions. It is need to mark, that we permanently make a modernization of our laboratory equipment. Metodical recommendations according to carrying out of the works are changed, too.

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Description of laboratory works

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Atomic (Quantum) Physics

Study of hydrogen spectrum and determination of Rydberg constant. Methodical recommendation to Atomic (Quantum) Physics-1.
Title of the work


Study of tunnel effect with help of semiconducting tunnel diode.
Study of thermoelectronic emission phenomenon and determination of electron work function from tungsten.

Determination of mercury atom resonance potential. Franck-Hertz experiment.
Study of alkaline metal spectrum. Fine structure of natrium energy levels.
Interaction of charged particles with matter. Determination of track length of alpha-particles in air.

Interaction of charged particles with matter. Determination of electron range from beta-decay by adsorption method.
Study of external photoelectric effect. Determination of Planck constant with help of volt-ampere characteristic of photocell.

Study of damping oscillation with help of electronic oscillograph.
Study of resonance phenomenon with help of electromagnetic oscillation circuit.
    Wide range of works concerning radio electronics, adjustment of laboratory equipment.

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