This chapter represents some materials concerning questions of practical work. Here you will find not physics books, but materials (reference books), which dedicated to electrical engineering, gas-discharge devices, radiolamps, special spectral lamps, X-ray tube e.t.c. Sometimes, especially when practical work is composing, appears a problem concerning matching of need parameters for different devices, for example, technical lamp characteristics, photocells e.t.c. We hope, that this chapter helps you to choose right solutions according to statement of experiments. This chapter will be periodically replenish with different materials. If you have e-books with similar research area, we can place them in this chapter. Descriptions for laboratory modules, which have been elaborated by our team, see here. Some books weren't replaced on this server. If you have a problem with access to them, they may be send on your e-mail according to request.

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М. I. Fugenfirov, «Electrical circuits with gas-discharge lamps»
Book in detail considers some questions about supply of different gas-discharge lamps, including lamps of special purposes. Starting and operating conditions, circuits of connection with different kinds of ballast are considered.

V. M. Skobelev, «Sources of light and regulating equipment»

In this book, parallel with characteristics for incandescent lamps and special lamps, in detail consider questions concerning calculation and engineering of systems (???) for lamps. Examples of calculation are represented.

D. S. Gurlev, «Reference book for electronic equipment»

in this book you will find information about all electronic devices, which have been constructed by industry of Soviet Union. Some of them are manufacturing now. This book represents electric parameters and characteristics for all kinds of radiolamps general and special purposes. In reference book you will find electric circuits of photoelements and PMTs. It's the most full reference book, which ever we saw.

B. V. Catsnelson, «Electrovacuum, electronic and gas-discharge devices»

Descriptions for the most amount of electronic, electrovacuum and gas-discharge devices, such as receiving and transmitting electron beam tubes, photoelectron devices, are represented.

I. I. Kikoin, «Table of physical quantities»

Reference book contains data about mechanical, thermodynamical and molecular-kinetic properties of matter; electrical properties of metals, insulators and semiconductors; magnetic properties of di-, para- and ferromagnetic; optical properties of matter, including laser, optic, X-ray, Messbauer spectra. Also it contains information about fundamentals of neutron physics, thermonuclear reactions, geophysics and astronomy.
     Information represents in form of tables and plots with brief definitions and explanations of corresponding quantities. For convenience of usage units of measurement in different systems and conversion factors are considered. According to our opinion, it is the most full reference book for physicists.

N. V. Parol, «Oscillographic electron beam tubes»

Basic technical characteristics of oscillographic electron beam tubes, which intend for visual and photographic registration of electrical processes in different kind of equipment, are considered.

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