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All our modules you will order in Russian Scientific production association "RosUchPribor"
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Concerning all questions phone to 8-910-585-55-02
+7-910-585-55-02 for calls not from Russia
Ring in any time without days off. Pankov Sergey Eugenievich.

e-mail: physexperiment@narod.ru

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Constituent documents

8-910-585-55-02, Scientific production association of educational equipment "TulaScientificDevice" Ring in any time without days off. +7-910-585-55-02 for calls not from Russia.

НПО Учебной Техники "ТулаНаучПрибор"
Bank details

Documents for delivery of equipment

Dear colleagues! For simplification of laboratory equipment delivery we recommend to compose an application, in which need to show your full bank details and contact (address, telephone, e-mail) information and send it to physexperiment@narod.ru. If necessary, contract for developing and delivery of equipment is concluded. Also, it is possible to order our equipment through "RosUchPribor" , contact tel. 8-351-265-44-68

Example of application for delivery of equipment

Example of contract for delivery of equipment

Copies of constituent documents

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300016, Russian Federation , Tula, str. Teatral'ny alley, 2 - 12

web: http://www.physexperiment.narod.ru - main web-site of "TulaScientificDevice"

web: http://tsd.by.ru - mirror of main web-site

e-mail: physexperiment@narod.ru

8-920-742-83-81, chief engineer KRUTIKOV SERGEY VLADIMIROVICH

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