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Rusplan is a program for drawing of principal electrical circuits. Archive contains Rusplan v 5.0, v

Wise Calculator v 7.9 (russian edition) is a calculator with extended opportunities (drawing of plots, special functions)

Table v 3.40 (Periodical System of elements) is a program with extended opportunities. With help of program it is possible to equalize chemical reactions, to solve simple problems, to see full information about chemical element

Advanced Grapher 2.11 allows to carry out building of plots, including implicit functions. Also, it can do a simple regression analysis of data.

OriginPro v 8.0 Full version is one from the best program for statistical data processing, data visualization, drawing of plots and so on. crack

Visual Mria is program for spectrum analysis. It may be used for analysis of diffraction spectra, which were obtained by different methods (TOF-method, X-rays spectra with constant wave-length e.t.c.)

Program for spectra analysis. It may be used for analysis of different gamma-spectra. Also, program can do a calibration of spectrum using model spectrum. Program may be used as addition to this program (Analysis of data, which were obtained during execution of our laboratory works).

MathCAD v 13.0 (russian version + addons) + crack
Program was replaced on Attention! For downloading this program it is need to get and install Bit Accelerator from

Crystal Impact™ Diamond v3.1 Full Version is a program for + crack.
visualization and building of crystall structure of matter. It contains a database about crystallographic groups, operations of symmetry and so on.
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