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    Scientific production association of educational equipment "TulaScientificDevice" is a group, which consists of several specialists for making laboratory equipment for executing demonstration and laboratory experiments in different areas of physics, electronics, electrical engineering. We realize the development of laboratory modules according to individual orders of institutes of higher education, schools, gymnasiums, technical schools e.t.c. Distinctive feature of our work consists in module manufacturing according to individual order. This circumstance allows us to take into account all wishes of our client. Since we are the producers of facilities, therefore the prices for our modules are much less, then in other organizations. Also we may do a delivery of spare details to the laboratory devices (spectroscopic lamps, measuring indicators e.t.c.) with an opportunity of developing separate elements of laboratory equipment according to wishes of our customer, such as power boxes, amplifiers, generators. We are the DEVELOPERS, but  don't resell modules, which have been constructed by other people.
PANKOV SERGEY EUGENIEVICH - Supervisor of Scientific production association of educational equipment "TulaScientificDevice". Connection with suppliers, contacts with educational institutions. Physical idea of the laboratory work, checking correspondence between results, physical idea of phenomenon, composition of metodical guides, descriptions. Final adjustment of laboratory modules.
KRUTIKOV SERGEY VLADIMIROVICH - Chief engineer of Scientific production association of educational equipment "TulaScientificDevice". Assembling of the laboratory modules, development of the principal electrical circuits, manufacturing of the printed-circuit boards, primary adjustment.

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All our modules you will order in Russian Scientific production association "RosUchPribor"
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Concerning all questions   phone to 8-910-585-55-02
+7-910-585-55-02 for calls not from Russia
Ring in any time without days off. Pankov Sergey Eugenievich.

e-mail: physexperiment@narod.ru

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8-910-585-55-02 Ring in any time without days off.
                   e-mail: physexperiment@narod.ru

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    Using link File archive you'll find the page with title of programs, which everyone may download. This programs were extracted from Internet a long time ago, but, however, don't correspond to research area of site. Laboratory modules of practical work represent incomplete list of modules, which are developing by our team. In chapter Specific details for practical work you find the list of different details, which may be used for experiments. Using link Methodical elaborations you will see a lot of descriptions concerning modules, which were developed by our working group. Collection of books, which we use for making devices, is situated in the chapter Useful literature. New chapter Scientific activity,  was added. There you will find information, related with scientific activity of our colleagues from russian and foreign research centers, such as JINR (Russia, Dubna), Kurchatov Institute (Russia, Moscow), Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland) e.t.c.
All questions and suggestions address to  FAQ chapter.

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